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Nursery Rhymes For Kids
Nursery Rhymes For Children
Youngsters are taught certain traditional poems or songs in the nursery level. They are called nursery rhymes whose lyrics are written to rhyme, and therefore are set to lovely tunes - which are immensely enjoyable for kids. These musical melodies also double as learning aids for kids, for vocabulary building and basic counting skills. These are also trained to children with certain actions and dancing steps, to develop their motor skills.
Children all over the world grow up on these melodious songs. These songs linger within their minds, to get an important part of their life and character in later years. They`re mostly passed down the generation from parent to child or teacher to student - orally. Nevertheless the most popular of these are in english. The most well known among them, have their roots in 17th century Europe. Many are even older. For instance, \"Sing a song of six pence\", goes down towards the middle ages.
America also gave its share of nursery rhymes towards the world`s children. One good illustration of an American nursery rhyme is \"Mary were built with a little lamb\". It`s believed that the practice of singing these beautiful rhymes, started at a time when freedom of expression was prohibited legally. Nursery rhymes for kids first become oral allegorical political cartoons to entertain children and express popular public sentiment. For instance, the common rhyme of \"Jack and Jill\" where Jack falls down and breaks his crown comes across very little violent for young children and must have experienced some political undertones. \"Ring a diamond ring o Roses\" also popular as\" Ring round the Rosie\" is supposed to be a metaphor, talking about the truly amazing Plague of London. It is about the healing quality of flowers and herbs. Similarly the most popular nursery rhyme \"Pop goes the weasel \"is supposed to be about silk weavers who use their bobbins or shuttles.
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