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Stick Or Handheld: Which Cordless Vacuum Is Better For Your Needs?
Dragging an awkward electric cord is what many people hate the most when it is time to do some vacuuming. Indeed, plugging and unplugging the device can turn out to be an annoying waste time and effort if you are cleaning several different parts of the house and on a regular basis. This is why more and more people are choosing to replace the old-fashioned canister vacuums with smaller battery operated units. If you also feel that a Cordless Clippers vacuum would be handy, you should consider the way you will be using the device so that you get the right model for your needs.
Not a shopping season passes without a vacuum supplier coming up with another high-tech feature or some design tweak but in essence, there are two types of battery vacuum cleaners: Stick and Handheld. A stick vacuum has this extension handle that allows you reach out to a few feet away or vacuum the floor without bending over, while a handheld vacuums are easier to store, move and use on close surfaces such as a kitchen counter. It should also be noted that there are adjustable models that will become a handheld or stick vacuum when you need but the time and effort required for joining and taking away parts can defeat the purpose of instant cleaning.
Handheld and stick vacuums are handy in different situations. A stick vacuum would be great if you will be doing a lot of intermittent and quick cleanups on the floor. An example could be keeping a house hair-free at all times in the presence of a dog that never stops shedding hair. So, there is some truth to the claim that stick or upright vacuums are better for pet hair. On the other hand, a stick vacuum would make it almost impossible for you to do narrow places above the floor such as the kitchen cabinets and parts of the kitchen counter.
Handheld vacuums are great for cleaning the hard-to-reach parts where a stick vacuum would let you down. They are also handy for vacuuming the floors, though you will need to bend down from time to time. What makes hand vacuums so popular is the fact that they are the lightest vacuums anyone can ever hope to own.
In conclusion, hand vacuums are superior to stick vacuums in most cases, although stick vacuums have a slight advantage when vacuuming stuff on the floor. If you believe you deserve to have the ultimate cordless vacuum cleaner at your disposal, the next step for you is to check out the available handheld models and pick the best handheld cordless vacuum.
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