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Review Of Mattress Makeover Jacquard Mattress Pad
The Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Makeover Jacquard Mattress Pad features jacquard p/c top and 14 ounces of 100 % polyester fill per square yard. The item fits mattresses four to fifteen inches, and it`s produced in the United States.
My 10-year-old mattress was becoming a bit hard, and I was experiencing some back discomfort when I would wake up in the early morning. So I believed that the Mattress Makeover Jacquard topper / pad will be test matrací a quick and easy fix for my issues. The pad was hard and stiff to work with right out of the phone, and it took a number of days for the whole pad to loosen up, settle and stretch out completely across my mattress.
However, this pad has altered my mattress totally. My bed is no longer hard as a rock, but cushiony and soft nicely, and I don`t have again discomfort any more expect for maybe one day a week or so. I bought a Queen size and it`s just the right dimensions, not too serious or perhaps too little. The stretch material totally covers my mattress surface and my bed is about 16\" deep.
Sometimes, it is going to shift from one side to the other about half an inch or perhaps so, however, it is not a huge deal. When I first got it, I recognized that it was giving off an odd smell. But the odor went away after the very first clothes. By the way, it requires a front loading washer and drier. I am happy with the price and workmanship / quality of the topper pad. It`s been through a few machine washing cycles and so much it is holding up as well as may be expected. Overall, the item is actually appropriate for men and women who seek to soften up a firm mattress or revitalize a mattress which is actually near the end of its useful life.
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