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Nfl Tickets - Week 2 Games To Watch
Now that the 2010-11 football season is off to a running start, all eyes are on the NFL as the season starts to take shape. Teams like the Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets and New Orleans Saints are hot topics early this season but, as Week 1 proved, no team is safe from an upset. Here are a few of the most-anticipated Week 2 games.
Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Giants: It`s a battle of Manning vs. Manning when the Giants travel to Lucas Oil Stadium to take on the Colts in Week 2 week weightloss. The Giants have slipped under the radar ever since winning the Super Bowl in 2008, and they still have plenty to improve upon if they want a shot at a postseason rendezvous this year.
That said, the Indianapolis Colts are the team to gauge their worth against, and that`s exactly what will happen when the Manning brothers unite at Lucas Oil in Week 2. The Colts` iffy offensive line is the only thing stopping this Indy team from total domination this year, especially because Peyton Manning looks as strong as ever going into the early weeks of the regular season. Both Manning brothers under one roof is enough to sell out NFL tickets to the Week 2 extravaganza, and both solid teams will get the chance to take home bragging rights when the Giants come to town.
New England Patriots vs. New York Jets: The age-old rivalry between the Patriots and Jets will only heat up this season as Rex Ryan`s outspoken antics have catapulted the Jets to the No. 1 hated team in the league. With several new acquisitions this year and a can-do attitude, the Jets definitely have a target on their back this season.
The Patriots-Jets matchup is always a big one for both AFC East teams, and this divisional rivalry will only get more intense this year. Jets QB Mark Sanchez has been quoted this offseason as saying that he \"hates\" the Patriots, but he`ll have to put his money where his mouth is when Tom Brady and Co. travel to New Meadowlands for a Week 2 matchup.
Brady is certainly a stronger quarterback than Sanchez, but the Jets` dominant defense has the makings to wreak havoc on the Patriots when the teams square off in Week 2. Watch for this game to be one of the most explosive matchups of the week.
Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals: The AFC North will either belong to the Ravens or the Bengals this year, and this Week 2 divisional matchup will be an early indicator of which team can take the lead. Both teams are stocked at the receiving position after some hefty acquisitions this offseason, and the Week 2 Ravens-Bengals matchup will see T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Anquan Boldin face off against Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens. The Ravens also have a solid running game in Ray Rice, but so do the Bengals in Cedric Benson.
The Ravens and Bengals look to be evenly matched this year, but the Ravens have a slight edge going into the early part of the season. Can Baltimore stay atop the AFC North or will the Bengals` revamped offense thrust them into the top of the division? Week 2 is just a preview of what`s to come throughout the rest of the season in the AFC North.
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